Student Services

Student Services

We are committed to making the student experience at SEBC engaging, spiritually uplifting and safe. Life happens and at times, students may need one or more services that we provide. The following are helpful places to look for guidance and support when needed.

Student Health

Southeastern Bible College requires all newly accepted students to submit a completed Health Form to the Student Life Office by August 1st for Fall students and December 1st for Spring students.

Student Health Form

Career Discovery

Students are encouraged to seek guidance from faculty members as they make decisions about life after graduation. Southeastern Bible College maintains a list of resources related to graduate schools, marketplace and ministry employment. Special seminars are also offered throughout the academic year to help students better prepare for future employment and/or continuing education. Both the Campus Pastor and Dean of Students are available to help guide students in their search for employment.

Campus Security

Southeastern Bible College is committed to providing a safe and secure campus. Please contact us for more information or to report a concern.

On-Campus Security

Monday – Saturday
6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Sabers Grill

SEBC has a cafeteria on campus called the Sabers Grill.  It provides lunch and dinner during the week.  For more detailed information click here.

Disability Services

SEBC provides accommodations on an individualized basis to students with proper documentation. Students are encouraged to contact the SEBC Equity Office at (205)970-9221 to discuss reasonable accommodations.

Academic Tutoring and Assistance

All SEBC students have access to academic tutoring and assistance, regardless of whether they are experiencing academic challenges or excelling in their academic programs. Students can make an appointment with Carolyn Wilhite, Academic Coordinator,, for academic assistance (e.g., writing research papers, as well as support for dealing with issues related to time management, study skills, writing resumes, career decisions, etc.).