Student Life

Student Life

The Student Life Department seeks to provide an atmosphere that promotes the spiritual, physical, emotional and interpersonal development of the student by giving specific attention to three distinct categories for development and care:

Spiritual Formation

We provide a wide range of activities to provide focus and attention to the spiritual development of the student. Each set of activities is weighed through the lens of SEBC’s five spiritual formation goals. These activities may include but are not limited to chapel, service learning, restorative discipline, and small group opportunities.

Student Development

The goal is to encourage students to build a Christian value system which is reflected in attitudes and relationships. To foster growth and development, the following are some of the programs and publications which aid in this process: College Life Skills, orientation, Career Discovery, handbooks, student organizations, student leadership training/retreats and recreation point activities.

Student Services

Student Life desires to meet the practical physical needs, emotional needs and address concerns of the College’s student body through services related to housing, health services, communication resources, and counseling.