100% of our graduates have served a minimum of 78 hours in service to the community and local church with the vast majority of student serving closer to 156 hours.


At SEBC we offer a field/volunteer education program called Service Learning. Service Learning is a non-academic degree requirement for all students. Service Learning supports the mission of Southeastern Bible College by providing a practical opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. All students will participate in their chosen ministry area throughout a semester. Participation in this program requires a minimum of 3 hours of ministry service per week for 13 weeks over the course of one full semester.

Students are expected to approach their Service Learning assignment with an enthusiastic and teachable spirit. To begin a Service Learning position in your chosen ministry area, a student must complete the Service Learning Plan form and return it to the Student Life Department. Supervisor assessments that are offered twice, at the middle and end of a semester, are additional requirements to complete this program.