The landscape of higher education is constantly changing and to be relevant you often have to change with the times. An online education is nothing new, but it is a relevant way to deliver a quality education and has become standard practice across the higher education landscape. By not flowing with the trends in higher education, Southeastern Bible College (SEBC) has missed out on impacting the lives of many in our city and state with a quality Christian education. We are asking you to partner with us, so that this is no longer a reality.

SEBC online will launch with two degrees and is looking to add others in the future. With the success of our ACHIEVE adult education program which offers an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership, we have decided to offer an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in Christian Leadership online. These degrees would also allow our current ACHIEVE students to have online options to work into their degree program as well. Secondly, SEBC will offer an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in Business. Business is a highly marketable field and we feel we have something extra to offer. Most business degrees on the market have nothing to do with Biblical business principles. While these degrees are relevant, we feel by adding a Biblical foundation our program will stand out to Christians who want to work in the business world.


The first year is crucial when launching an online program. There are a lot of up front cost to market the degrees, hire extra admissions services, and develop a quality student success program. All of these are vital to a successful online launch. We have developed a plan that will use multiple means of lead generation, address admissions staffing needs, and to provide top notch student success services for our online students at the most practical cost possible. With $120,000 dollars we would be able to execute our launch plan for the first year.

We also need to be competitive when it comes to teacher compensation. Online education is a big market, so you have to invest into your professors to insure you have quality teaching. We want to put the best product that we can offer out on the market, so for teaching personal we will need an extra $20,000.


SEBC has two primary goals for our online program. First, is to make our education more accessible. Not only will online classes allow us to do that for students who can’t attend on campus, it will greatly impact our current student body by giving them more options to complete their degrees. Secondly, it will provide a much needed increase to our tuition gains. The sad fact is that many small Bible Colleges are disappearing and if we do not find ways to make ourself relevant to todays student market that could be us. With online classes we look to add a large number of students over the first two years. Information on the potential gain based off modest new student calculations is provided below.

Year One

New Students: 40

Retention: 30

Estimated net gain: $55,170

Year Two

New Students: 50

Retention: 70

Estimated net gain: $302,220

Total Estimated Net Gain: $357,390