Pre-Seminary / Pastoral Ministries


& Pastoral Ministries


Effective pastors have made a personal investment in exploring the rich treasures of Scripture. They know that ours is not the first generation to study God’s word and they understand that a long history of historical and religious traditions informs the Evangelical world today.  The Bible is filled with theological dimensions that can best be explored in the contexts and languages that the Bible originally came to us. Students enrolled in our Pre-Seminary/Pastoral Ministries program are passionate about pursuing this deep study of the Bible.

The Pre-Seminary/Pastoral Ministries program provides necessary hermeneutical training and expository teaching skills to help the church understand the Scriptures. Participants in this program will learn how to serve as a dynamic preacher as well as serve an internships at a local church where the everyday skills of pastoral leadership can be learned. Pastoral work is a challenging and life-changing call, SEBC prepares future pastors and seminary students with the skills they need serve the church.

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