Degree Options

Degree Options

At SEBC we are proud to offer a variety of degrees targeted at your specific ministry needs and calling. Because the Bible is the story of God and our guide for life, above all else, we provide a strong Biblical foundation with every degree program. Students engage with an involved,  world-class team of professors who are passionate about understanding Scriptures and applying them to real life ministry settings. Beyond the Biblical foundations inherent in every degree, our faculty are also practitioners in their specific areas of expertise. Students at SEBC are learning from educators who have lived what they teach. Whether Children’s Ministers or Pastors or Christian Counselors, professors at SEBC lead from life.

It is our passion to shape students for future ministry through a Bible based education that offers practical, hands on opportunities to become competent, caring, and well-resourced  ministry and church leaders.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

All SEBC students who complete traditional programs receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Bible and Theology.

In the non-traditional ACHIEVE Adult Education program, students receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Leadership Ministries.

Each academic department of the college offers educational programs that add either a second major or a minor to the B.A. in Bible and Theology.

The Arts and Sciences Department
• Christian Thought and History – Second Major
• Biology – Minor

The Biblical Studies Department
• Biblical Studies (Degree Completion) – Minor
• Christian Ministries – Minor
• Intercultural Studies – Minor
• Pre-Seminary/Pastoral Ministries – Minor

The Education and Professional Studies Department
• Business Administration – Second Major
• Elementary Education – Second Major
• Children’s Ministries – Minor
• Counseling Ministries – Minor
• Educational Ministries – Minor
• Worship Leadership – Minor
• Youth Ministries – Minor

Associate of Arts Degrees and Diplomas

A.A. in Biblical Studies (Traditional)
A.A. in Leadership Ministries (ACHIEVE Adult Education Program)
• Diploma in Biblical Studies (one-year course of study developed in consultation with a faculty advisor)

ACSI Bible Specialist Certification
Students graduating from SEBC with a four-year degree may also choose to pursue the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Bible Specialist Certification for the K-12 classroom. Students interested in pursuing this certification must complete the following:
• Initial advising session with Department Chair of Education;
• 36 semester hours of Biblical Studies;
• ACSI Christian Philosophy of Education requirement (ELED1230 Foundations of Education);
• Seven hours of electives recommended by the College (ELED2120; ELED3130; ELED3520); and
• Bachelor’s degree from an ACSI recognized college (SEBC).

A Camp Ministry Track is an available add-on to the Youth Ministries Minor, Children’s Ministries Minor, or Educational Ministries Minor.