Business Administration

Business Administration


The Business Administration Program is designed to prepare business professionals for a life of service within the marketplace, church, and across the globe. Special emphasis will be given to integrating a Biblical worldview and the ability to think critically about business ethics, marketing, economics, management and leadership within a business or other applicable contexts. An internship requirement and a Strategic Management Seminar are built into the curriculum, which provides students with opportunities to apply concepts taught in the classroom to real-life experiences within the business community.

Graduates of the program can engage in marketplace ministry, using their business position as a platform for kingdom influence. Graduates may go to the mission field as those engaged in business, making access easier to many foreign nations. Graduates can fulfill bi-vocational ministerial roles, which particularly benefit many smaller congregations who may be unable to support a full-time pastor. Also, bi-vocational ability could facilitate graduates’ church planting opportunities. Having a major in Business Administration alongside a major in Bible and Theology provides the graduate with the tools needed for a successful career as they express their ministry gifts in various lay ministries.

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