Distance Learning

Study anywhere and on your schedule – that is the idea behind distance learning. Southeastern Bible College offers a growing selection of online courses that permit students to supplement their current course load or to get started on a degree while they work to arrange their schedule to be able to access SEBC’s on-campus classes or extension site degree completion program. Courses currently offered include:

CHED2831 Spiritual Formation and Discipleship – 3 credit hours
Spiritual Formation and Discipleship prepares the student for effective ministry in the local church context as well as personal growth. It provides competency in the following areas: Evangelism, Cultural/sociological research, Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.

CIS1330 Introduction to Computers – 3 credit hours
This course is designed to orient students to PC-compatible computers. The course includes a study of basic computer hardware, MS Windows with command prompt commands, word processing software, and an introduction to spreadsheet software.

MTH1231 College Math – 3 credit hours
It presumes little prior knowledge of mathematics and assists in preparing students to take College Algebra.

MTH2131 College Algebra – 3 credit hours
This course covers variables, linear and polynomial equations, and graphing. (Prerequisite: MTH1231 or permission of instructor)

MTH2231 Geometry – 3 hours
Designed for those working toward teacher certification in Elementary Education or as an elective in any other program, this course covers geometric proofs, right triangles, and areas of geometric figures. (Prerequisite: MTH1231 or permission of instructor)

SCI1231 Physical Science: Astronomy and Physics – 3 credit  hours
This course involves a study of basic physical science principles, emphasizing physics and astronomy. This course includes telescopic observations and may require evening classes. (Prerequisite: MTH2131 Algebra or MTH2231 Geometry or by permission of instructor)

PASM3831 Leadership and Church Growth – 3 credit hours
A study of methods and techniques used to successfully lead a church to mature to its full potential. Principles in motivating members, staffing, developing vision levels and decision-making are among the course topics.

YTMN3831 Disciple-Making Youth Ministry – 3 credit hours
Disciple-Making Youth Ministry is a study of the principles and strategy needed to develop a youth ministry focused on discipling and evangelizing students. An emphasis will be placed upon practical application within a ministry setting. It is strongly recommended the student be currently involved in a youth ministry during this course.

Note: SEBC distance learning courses are currently only available for students residing in Alabama. In the future, SEBC may explore offering distance learning courses in other states based on interest. 

Contact our admissions office concerning the next class start date and course availability.