Department of Biblical Studies

The Mission of the Department of Biblical Studies 

The Department of Biblical Studies is the heart of our College, providing a biblical foundation for every academic program. Our desire is to provide the greatest opportunity for Christian growth and professional development so that we may be faithful stewards of the joys and responsibilities received through Christ. To accomplish this, our Biblical Studies Department prioritizes three essential tasks: instructing, equipping, and integrating.

The purpose of the Biblical Studies Department is to prepare graduates to enter theology based ministries including missions, pastoral ministries, and Bible teaching.

1. The Biblical Studies Department will produce graduates who are biblically literate.
2. The Biblical Studies Department will produce graduates who are theologically literate.
3. The Biblical Studies Department will produce graduates who are hermeneutically literate.

Biblical Instruction
Our Bible department recognizes Scripture’s fundamental position in Christian education and seeks to incorporate this educational philosophy into all our programs. Biblical instruction in both doctrine and Christian maturity are merged just as they are in Scripture, thus providing students with a foundational understanding of faith and practice. Furthermore, instruction is provided in a setting of respect, love and tolerance. This academic environment creates a context and pattern for mature, informed and edifying interaction among individuals within our college family and our neighboring communities.

The second purpose of the department is to help students recognize their own desires and abilities so that they may confidently pursue a career direction. By combining biblical instruction with personal ministry skills, our department equips students for effective and meaningful Christian service at home and abroad.

Personal Integration
Thirdly, we believe that the final product of our departmental pursuit must be the ongoing integration of Scripture into every discipline of life and knowledge. As we are exposed to the truth of God’s Word, we must be compelled to respond appropriately with obedience to God and grace towards others. Our department strives to deploy scriptural ideals resulting in a holistic Christian worldview with both the liberties and restrictions therein. Only then can we responsibly contribute to the Church and society.