Decatur Extension Workshops

We are really excited to be in Decatur and we want to become a vital member of the community. So, we have decided to offer some free 2 hour workshops that we feel will benefit those in the community. Below we have provided information on all available workshops this Fall. To sign up for any please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will reach out to you to give you more details on the event.

November 17th 6-8pm
Advent for Evangelicals

Advent is often overlooked by evangelical churches but this traditional celebration offers much to the Christmas season. Advent creates a month-long focus on thankfulness and expectation regarding Christ’s first coming and our hope for the second coming.

Overview of the Celebration of Advent including its history and application to modern evangelical churches. Attention will be given to exploring the meaning and purpose of the Advent Celebration. See how families and churches can use this often overlooked Christian celebration to strengthen the meaning of Christmas through thankfulness and expectation. Advent program and sermon ideas will also be shared.

Presented by Dr. Lee Barnett
Director of Distance Education

December 1st 6-8pm
Help! I’m a Bi-Vocational Youth Minister

The workshop will cover how to plan an effective and engaging ministry that meets the needs of our context. Strategies will include selecting an appropriate and engaging curriculum to challenge the thinking of your youth; how to plan prepare for and teach on Wednesday nights in an effective way given the limited time available; how to identify, develop and grow leaders that can help lead the youth program; how to plan special events that attract and engage participants. The central theme in this workshop will be answering the question: How do I connect with this generation?

Presented by Professor Billy Thornton
Assistant Professor of Youth Ministries; Advisor of Youth Ministries

December 6th, 6-8pm
Mentoring that Works for Women: Building Successful Mentoring Relationships

Mentoring is a mutually empowering relationship in which individuals learn from each other and provide support and feedback.  While the benefits of mentoring are many, establishing and maintaining a healthy mentoring relationship can be a challenge. In this seminar, we will discuss keys for creating a mentoring relationship that is satisfying, supportive, and successful.

Presented by Dr. Cheryl Ross
Director of the Center for Leadership Development

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