Course Drops and Withdrawals

Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing from a Course

Adding, dropping, and withdrawing from a course requires adviser approval during the add/drop period and adviser and instructor approval after the add/drop period. A course drop/withdrawal request coming through the WebConnect online portal may begin the process, but advisers and instructors may seek to talk with the student before giving approval. Until approval is granted, the student remains enrolled in the course.

Students should contact the Financial Aid Office prior to dropping or withdrawing from a course to determine the impact of the change on their financial aid and account balance.

A student may withdraw from a course any time prior to the last week of the course. The transcript will indicate a W for withdrawal from the course with no impact to the student’s overall GPA, though the withdrawal does impact the students rate of academic progress. There is no refund of course charges after the semester’s add/drop period. Courses may be dropped with a full refund during the add/drop period with no reflection on the student’s transcript.

There is a $20 drop fee for all course changes.

Withdrawal from the College

A student desiring to withdraw from the College at any time must first obtain an official withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office. If a student leaves the College without completing this process, the permanent record will show a grade of “F” (failure) in all courses for that term. Attempting to drop all courses through the WebConnect online portal will not be accepted as a substitute for the withdrawal process. The WebConnect course drop requests will be denied.

Once the withdrawal form is submitted to the Registrar’s Office, the student’s instructors will be contacted to determine when the student last attended a class or participated in an academic activity. The last date of attendance/academic activity will be recorded as the student’s withdrawal date.

No student who withdraws from the College for any reason is entitled to a transcript of credits until his/her financial obligations have been satisfied with the Business Office, Student Life Office, Library and Financial Aid Office.

The Administration of the College may request a student to withdraw from the College at any time for unsatisfactory conduct or for failure to abide by College regulations. Withdrawals may require the repayment of financial aid and could negatively impact the student’s eligibility to receive financial aid in the future. See the catalog’s Financial Aid section for more details.

Instructor-Initiated Drops/Withdrawals

Instructors will initiate class drops for students who miss four consecutive weeks of traditional classes or two consecutive weeks of ACHIEVE modular classes. The instructor will notify the Registrar of the student’s name, course name, and date of last attendance. The Registrar will notify the student of the instructor-initiated drop. A grade of W will be assigned for the class. ACHIEVE students will have one week to respond to the Registrar to indicate in writing that they intend to attend the next modular class session. ACHIEVE students who do not respond will be considered withdrawn from SEBC. For traditional students, if the Registrar receives instructor-initiated drops for all of a student’s courses, the student will be considered withdrawn from SEBC. After being notified of the withdrawal by the Registrar, the Business Office and Financial Aid Office will apply standard withdrawal policies.