Academic Sucess

At Southeastern, our desire is for each student to thrive academically. We provide services to enhance current skills and to encourage students to strive for excellence.

Carolyn Wilhite
Academic Coordinator, Room  122
Tel: 205-970-9256

Writing Skill Enhancement

Writing skills are a vital part of academic success.  Students can raise their grades by knowing and following the principles of good writing.  Once out of college, writing continues to make a difference in one’s career.  People tend to judge a person’s intelligence and abilities by their written communication skills.  Unfortunately, writing is one of the most neglected skills in the business world, but one that is highly valued by employers.  At SEBC, we desire to produce graduates who stand out above others in their writing abilities.

For those in need, we are available to help you work on the basic rules of correct grammar and punctuation and good writing skills and techniques. The Academic Coordinator can assist you in by providing feedback regarding grammatical or punctuation errors, suggestions on your writing style, phrasing, continuity of paragraphs, and proper citation before submitting a paper to your professor.

Appointments may be made for these services by contacting Carolyn Wilhite, the Academic Coordinator, at

Study Skill Development

Research conducted at a number of colleges has shown that the difference between a student who gets good grades and a student with poor grades is neither IQ nor the amount of effort they put into their studies. Instead, the difference is the way people study.

At SEBC, we are available to help you improve your time management, test taking skills, note taking, and writing skills. The Study Skills course is offered on our course schedule. The Academic Coordinator also is available to assist with the tools for enhancing your study skills and making better grades. You may make an appointment with Carolyn Wilhite at


The Academic Coordinator provides academic tutoring in order to improve grades or to bring students up to required standards for financial aid.  Tutoring also is offered to prepare students for life after college by providing knowledge and training in areas of need.

All SEBC students have access to academic tutoring and assistance, regardless of whether they are experiencing academic challenges or just desire to improve their skills in basic writing, as well as support for dealing with issues related to study skills, time management, or in other areas of their academic programs.    Students can make an appointment with the Academic Coordinator, Carolyn Wilhite, at for academic assistance.

Should you require additional assistance due to a documented disability, please contact Paul Roberts at