Camp Ministry Track

Camp Ministry Track for those minoring in Youth Ministries, Children’s Ministries, or Educational Ministries

The Camp Ministry Track enhances student ministry training by providing hands-on training in camp ministry. Many children and youth have had life changing experiences at Christian camps. Churches and organizations alike are in need of camp ministries and people who are able to run these types of programs. These courses are an opportunity for students to become equipped and experienced in order to develop, manage, and lead thriving camp ministries.

The Camp Ministry Track is added to students’ degree requirements. See the degree plans for Youth Ministries, Children’s Ministries, or Educational Ministries for degree requirements for those programs. 

Camp Ministry Track Requirements (14 semester hours):

CAMP2721 Outdoor Leadership – 2 hours

This course will develop the student’s ability to organize and lead outdoor activities. Creation will be the classroom providing students the opportunity to address topics like outdoor leadership, planning, liability, programming, safety and Bible teaching skills. The three day Bushcraft Course by Apologia Outdoors is a required element for this course. An additional course fee is required.

CAMP3711 Wilderness School Survival Course – 1 hour

The course provides one hour of credit for students successfully completing the Wilderness School Survival Course by Apologia Outdoors. The course includes CPR training. The course fulfills the physical education requirement for Camp Ministry Track students. An additional fee is required. (Prerequisite: the Bushcraft Course by Apologia Outdoors)

CAMP3731 Camp Management – 3 hours

This course will introduce students to the various aspects of managing a camp facility. The course will focus on camp management in three aspects: food-services, facility management and human resources. Students will earn the Camp Director Certification offered by ACA Camp Organization. An additional course fee is required.

CAMP4321 Camp Ministry Practicum – 2 hours

This practicum is designed to provide supervised ministry experience in a camp setting. The students’ involvement in camp ministry provides opportunity for hands-on camp ministry experience and supervised skill development.

CAMP4731 Camp Programming – 3 hours

This course deals primarily with an overview of an organized traditional camp ministry setting. Students will develop a model of programming from a camp ministry philosophy. The various types of camps, program activities, teaching-learning models, leadership recruitment, and training – with special emphasis on methods of camp counseling – are covered. Overnight campout is required. Additional course fee is required. (Prerequisite: YTMN 4230 or CHMN3230)

Business Class – 3 hours

Students select either BUS2431 Management or BUS2831 Marketing. (See Business Administration course list for course descriptions.)

Notes for Camp Ministry Track Requirement:

  1. CAMP2721 Outdoor Leadership substitutes for CHED2720 Church Education Curriculum Resources in students’ minor requirements.
  2. CAMP4321 Camp Ministry Practicum substitutes for one of the practicum or internship experiences in students’ minor requirements.