Women’s Ministry

October 18, 2016

Women’s Ministry President, Ashtyn Harris  What makes you passionate about Women’s Ministry? I love being able to share my heart with the girls and not have to worry about being judged. I am thankful for the closeness that all of us have. I also enjoy…

Creation, Creatureliness, and Worship

October 11, 2016

By Dr. Dwain Waldrep October in Alabama brings relief from summer heat, giving us cool nights and comfortable days, colorful leaves, and the ubiquitous presence of pumpkin-laced drinks at our favorite coffee shops. Along with these welcome autumn gifts, October also returns our SEBC family…

Alex McKee on Internship in Ireland

October 4, 2016

Where did you serve this summer and in what capacity? This summer I served in Letterkenny co. Donegal, Ireland. I interned in two congregations under the same minister (Trinity Presbyterian  and Trentagh Presbyterian). The internship was based around youth work with some worship aspects as…

New Opportunity: Student Media Team

September 26, 2016

Okay, students. We need your help. With all of the planned and impromptu events that happen around campus, we need a way to capture the time our community is enjoying together. In order to compile these moments, we are expanding The Southeastern Collective to include a…

Prayer: The Pulse of the Christian Life

September 16, 2016

By Dr. B. Dwain Waldrep If our Savior’s teaching and practice is a gauge, then prayer is certainly the pulse of the Christian life. The Gospel accounts tell us that Jesus frequently sought solitary places for prayer. In those lonely sanctuaries and through those unceasing…

Spotlight: Dr. Chris Crain

September 2, 2016

Chris Crain pictured with his wife Carol. Carol is an adjunct instructor of psychology at SEBC. What year did you graduate from Southeastern Bible College? 1996 What was your degree program? Church Education/Music; I went on to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and earned M.Div….

Fall Class Preview

August 24, 2016
pexels-photo (1)

The Fall 2016 semester is upon us! Here is a sampling of questions that will be covered throughout a few of our courses! Theology 1- Dr. Snyder What should we mean when we say “God is here”? What does complete control actually look like? What do…

Pausing at the Threshold

August 17, 2016

By: Dr. B. Dwain Waldrep Esther de Waal, one of my favorite writers on spiritual formation, observed that she had “become aware of the continual movement of crossing over thresholds into the new, while still of course being part of what is left behind.”  As we…

Christian Thought and History Major

August 10, 2016

SEBC’s major in Bible and Theology will ground you in God’s revelation. Adding a second major in Christian Thought and History will further your studies by adding the philosophical, cultural, social and historical framework that will help you understand the forces shaping our world today….

Spotlight: Anita Scroggins

August 3, 2016

Photo Courtesy: Lynn Cummings (’10) A wonderful aspect of our size here at Southeastern is that you truly have the opportunity to meet people who are passionate about what they do, from faculty to staff to administrators. Anita Scroggins is one of these people you…

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