Check out Birmingham

Make the most of your time in the Magic City! Over the last decade Birmingham has seen a lot of growth and with that growth Birmingham has become one of the most diverse and amazing places to live in the South. We have compiled a list of things you will want to check out during your time in Birmingham.


Birmingham has some the the best places to dine in the South. If you want to take in some great soul food there is no better place than Saws Soul Kitchen or if you are in the mood for some good BBQ Full Moon and Dream Land can’t be beat. Click here to see some of the amazing places you can eat at during your say in the Magic City. We recommend a Steel City Pop for dessert!


Birmingham has a lot of fun attractions that you can visit while you are here. Everything from catching a Barons baseball game to taking in the Birmingham sky line from the statue of Vulcan a top Red Mountain. Click here for a full list of Birmingham attractions to check out.

Parks and Outdoors

Birmingham has some of the best parks and outdoor recreational sites in the Southeast. You can take in the beauty of downtown while listening to a free concert from Railroad Park to being surrounded by nature in the hiking trails of Oak Mountain State Park. Click here to see all that the outdoors has to offer in Birmingham.