Biology Requirements

Biology Minor

The Biology minor consists of 22 hours of science coursework. Successful completion of the Biology minor, in conjunction with the completion of a program of study, results in a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the student’s major(s) and a minor in Biology.

Student’s Major Program:

The Biology Minor is not designed as a stand-alone academic program. Students enroll in another program of study and add the courses required for the Biology minor to it.

Biology Minor Courses:

The minor comprises the following 22 semester credit hours of coursework:
BIO2130 Anatomy and Physiology – 3 hours
• BIO2110L Anatomy and Physiology Lab – 1 hour
• BIO2230 Cell and Molecular Biology – 3 hours
• BIO2210L Cell and Molecular Biology Lab – 1 hour
BIO2630 Taxonomic Survey of Organisms – 3 hours
• BIO2610L Taxonomic Survey of Organisms Lab – 1 hour
CHM2630 Inorganic Chemistry – 3 hours
• CHM2610L Inorganic Chemistry Lab – 1 hour
• CHM3630 Biochemistry – 3 hours
BIO4630 Molecular Biology – 3 hours

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