Agreement with Doctrinal Statement

Doctrinal Statement

  • Agreement with Principal Doctrines

  • As a nondenominational academic institution, Southeastern Bible College accepts from a variety of Christian denominational traditions. Since some areas of doctrine are open to various interpretations, it is possible that students may not completely adhere tot he Doctrinal Statement of the College.

    However, certain truths have been historically identified as principal doctrines of the Christian faith. Individuals seeking admission to an graduation from Southeastern Bible College must affirm without reservation their agreement with the following statements:

    1. The Bible is divinely inspired and inerrant and is, therefore, the sole authority for all matters of faith , ministry, moral , and ethical life.

    2. Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man. He was crucified and raised from the dead in payment for sins and is alone the Savior of those who believe.

    3. Mankind is spiritually dead and out of fellowship with the Creator God and, apart from regeneration through faith in Christ's substitutionary death , will spend eternity in torment.

    4. Eternal Life is the gift of God to those who accept Jesus as their personal Savior through faith.

    Please carefully read the Doctrinal Statement of Southeastern Bible College, which can be found in the Southeastern Bible College Academic Catalog.

    Southeastern Bible College believes in the unity of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4-1-6) and that love, rather than any undue emphasis on spiritual gifts, minor doctrines, or denominational distinctives, is the consummate goal of all Christians (Matthew 22:34-37; John 13:34; I Corinthians 13:1-13).

    Students who hold nonessential doctrinal positions that differ from the College are welcome as long as no divisive or disruptive behavior occurs. Such students must also agree not to proselytize among others in the student body or to exhibit openly any controversial behavior.

    Should a student continue to violate these stipulations, the College may require withdrawal.
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